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My SoulTeam Platform

This newsletter is a resource related to My SoulTeam platform. The platform’s mission:

Help UX and Product designers find the right design team for them. Discover cool design teams around the world and find answers to the most important questions before you decide if you want to apply.

Learn more about the vision.

Newsletter Content

I will be sharing insights about cool design teams around the world and various themes around UX career and getting hired in UX. Some topics may include: UX career 101, UX roles, Resume building, Portfolio, Interviewing, Interview questions, Design exercises, How to stand out, Guided and Self-learning, Mentor advice, UX Q&A, Side projects, Online UX courses and programs, UX Resources and tools.

Occasionally, I will be experimenting with some additional sections.

Newsletter Cadence

I am planning to publish a new big issue every 1-2 weeks. I am also thinking of experimenting with “leaner” formats.

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