🔮 The future of UX Career and My SoulTeam

The reveal 😎 A big change. A bigger vision 🚀

Hello Everyone!

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I have a few significant changes to share with you. I hope you find them valuable and will stay subscribed to my newsletter. If not, you can always unsubscribe by clicking the link in the footer, no hard feelings 😿

My SoulTeam Has a New Vision

I have pivoted back to the original vision that I started back in 2019. The new value proposition:

A place where UX designer across the world can discover cool design teams and find the right team for them.

Read more about the new vision.

UX Career Is Merging With My SoulTeam

This newsletter, the podcast, and all other content from the UXCareer.co website will be transitioning into My SoulTeam brand.

My SoulTeam Newsletter

The scope of this (new) newsletter will be expanding and evolving. The new list of topics I am thinking of covering:

  • Design team profiles published on My SoulTeam platform.

  • Cool design teams and companies from around the world.

  • Various advice and tips to help UX-ers get hired.

  • New design tools, templates, Figma plugins, etc.

  • AMA sessions on different UX-related topics.

  • Resources that will help UX folks grow.

  • Other cool findings.

The cadence and amount of content per issue will vary, as I want to try less over-whelming formats.

My SoulTeam - UX Talks Podcast

What you may have heard as “UX Career with Kirill” podcast, where I’ve been interviewing design leaders and other experienced folks will be rebranded. The new name will be “My SoulTeam - UX Talks”.

The initial vision was very focused on junior and entry-level UX-ers. The new content will also include valuable insights for senior and intermediate designers, with a bigger overarching goal of

Helping UX/Product designers get hired and become better designers, team members, and humans.

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Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash