#23: Taking a break from writing, Q&A with Rabiya Samji

⏸ Taking a break…

I decided that I need to take a pause on writing this newsletter. I want to spend more summer time with my family, create that “Get Hired in UX” Manual (that I’ve got enough pre-orders for), and frankly, have been feeling burnout-like symptoms more prominently in the last few months.

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Episode #8: Q&A with Rabiya Samji

This week, I am talking to Rabiya Samji, an experienced leader who has led several design teams and hired many designers.

We talk about her journey starting from kinesiology to becoming a Head of UX at a digital product agency, the importance of showing your personality as a candidate, the value of being a curious person, tips on adding better case studies in your portfolio, and how designing for emotions will become even more important in future.

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