MST 2.0 Announcement (repost from Mailchimp)

I started My SoulTeam a while ago with a clear goal - help UX designers in Vancouver (like myself) discover cool design teams where I would like to work at.

After experimenting with the solution and expanding to all tech roles in Vancouver, I have decided to pivot back to the initial idea but expanding the scope to the whole world, not just Vancouver.

Covid has changed the relevance of the geographical location and (frankly) Vancouver is a small market to limit yourself to.

So, the main value proposition of the new platform is to help UX and Product designers of the world find the right team for them (and on the other side, help cool design-focused companies attract smart designers).

There will be no job board as many of you have got used to.

The new key element is different design team profiles that you can browse and listen/watch their design leaders answering the most important questions you may have. Get all the answers you are looking before you decide if this is the right team for you. Here is an example of how a profile looks like:

6 profiles are already live (Copperleaf, Benevity, Polyform, WorkTango, Impala, Jungle Scout), so you can get a taste of what the new vision is. More profiles are in the works and will be added very soon.